About Us

Mystica Music, a music company with a vision to promote the latent talent inherent in our rich cultural milieu and preserving the rich works of the legendary artistes, has been established in the year 2005. It is an offering of a platform to those who aspire to contribute in the field of music meaningfully. The aim is to identify, nurture and promote the talent in the field of music with preserving and promoting the existing repertoire generated by the legendary artistes of our times. The genres we are working on include World Music, Sufi, Devotional, Nirvana, New Age, Meditation, Discourse, Hindustani and Carnatic Classical and Ghazal.

Mystica Music's objective is amply clear to promote the best in music not confining to any geographical or ideological boundaries.

Mystica Music also stands committed to strike strategic alliances with established foreign labels for the promotion of music at a global level.

As to maintain the pace with the technological advancements at a global level, Mystica Music delivers the latest in technology to its consumers. At Mystica Music, latest standards are maintained right from the recording and designing a project to its packaging to make the product aesthetically valuable.