By Anandmurti Gurumaa

VCD: $ 7.99



1   Saajanra



2   Teri raahon pe chalti rahungi



3   Bin bhaaga satsang na labbeh



4   Raja ram bolo bolo



5   Aaj rang hai




"The rain of love, longing and celebration"

Worldly love has its limits and is bounded in the confines of expectations. But the divine love knows no boundaries and rains without prejudice on all, each time bringing a new season of love. For the First time, a VCD of mesmerizing Bhajans carrying oceans of love, longingness, joy, yearning and celebration is being released. Recorded Live, these chosen few diamonds carry the message of love from the Master. Beautiful video along with immersed music, the Bhajans are an exquisite force washing away the human ego leaving behind only Surrender, Silence and Stillness.

Since ages, God has been portrayed as a distant star that is far away from us.

"Saajanra", a beautiful song of Love, expresses the ecstasy that God is in close proximity to me, within me, making me fell ecstatic.

"Teri raahon pe chalti rahoongi" is the song sung in deep love expressing the receipt of a new lease of life after surrender unto the golden feet of the master. And that the Seeker would continue to follow the path guided by the Master till the very last breadth.

"Bin paaga satsang na labbeh" enlightens upon the importance of being in the presence of the true master. That it is after infinite pure deeds and good Karmas that a person gets to be in the presence of enlightened ones. Raja Ram bolo-bolo ignites the plenteous energy in the listener through Sankirtan of Ram Mantra. Cleansing the body, the beautiful bhajan helps one delve deep within and feel the bliss.

"Aaj rang hai" is the expression of celebration felt at the pinnacle of true bliss. At this pinnacle, each day becomes an illustration of colourful festival. So if you are still not drenched in this rain of love, grab the VCD and enjoy the Bhajans in the presence of our beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa.