Gurunaa Vachano

By Anandmurti Gurumaa

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1   Bhramargufamaa Niranjan Jyoti



2   Ulat Chale So Paave



3   Guruji Maara Kaanmaa



4   Gurunaa Vachano



5   Aevi Tu Shakti




"When a Sadguru renders the majestic words of seers and sages through the mystical medium of music, they not only stir the strings of the heart but also suffuse it with the essence of divine knowledge. It is this experience that has been brought alive in this first-ever Gujarati album by Anandmurti Gurumaa, Gurunaa Vachano, presenting a unique collection of profound bhajans. Backed with exhilarating yet soothing music, it exquisitely weaves together the different facets of the spiritual journey. It extols boundless grace of the master, glory of enlightening wisdom, tenacity of the seeker, prayerfulness to the Lord, as these are indispensible for the inner flowering. It aptly begins with Bhramargufamaa Niranjan Jyoti, a perfect representation of the yogic tradition whereby the bio-electric currents ida and pingala are balanced so that sushumna can be awakened. It talks about awakening of the chakras and occurrence of ajapa-japa (uninterrupted resonance of the mantra) in the breath. Intriguingly expressing profound experiences, it points at That which exists beyond the comprehension of mind but is experienced by the meditator within the deeper realms of cosmic consciousness. Yet a lot remains unsaid, which seeks further exploration on the part of the seeker. Then comes the inspiring Aevi Tu Shakti, every word of which is filled with intense longing-ness. It is a heartfelt prayer seeking the grace of Lord, the blessings to be able to tread the spiritual path with great zeal and enthusiasm. With its captivating music comes Gurunaa Vachano, honouring the timeless truth expressed by the master. Extolling the master’s teachings, it prays for the quintessential wisdom to become part of seeker’s life. It emphasises the significance of cleansing the mind sullied by worldly matters with surrender, devotion and love. Thus it calls out to be pure so that the higher truth can be absorbed. Lovingly celebrating master’s grace, Guruji Maara Kaanmaa is about the untold deeper truths revealed by the master. It conveys how, without the association and grace of a master, it is difficult for an aspirant to go into deeper meditative states and experience Samadhi. The touching words of this bhajan are like floral offerings in the lotus feet of the master. The culminating track Ulat Chale So Paave is a mystical composition in which the deep spiritual practices have been expressed in coded language. Symbolising body as a temple of nine doors and head akin to an upside-down well filled with nectar, it encapsulates deep philosophy of tantric yoga."