Hidden Gems

By Anuradha Kuber

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1   Ahir Bhairav



2   Gunakri, Ropak



3   Jhoola




Mystica Music presents another talented gem in the series of Hidden Gems - inspiring hidden talents - Anuradha Kuber. Anuradha is a promising vocalist of the young generation. She is one of the very few performers of the Bhendi Bazar Gharana gayaki. A devoted student of music since a very young age, Anuradha was specially trained in the gharana gayaki for 15 years by the veteran musician and guru, Pt. T.D. Janorikar. During the training period, she learnt all the facets of the gayaki from her guru. She is endowed with a rich and mellifluous voice which makes her adept at singing both light and classical music with equal ease. Her sweet, seasoned and pliable voice with easy reach in all the three saptaks makes her disciplined exposition of the Ragas full of aesthetic and emotive content.


1. Ahir Bhairav - Vilambit Ektal - Eho Baro Sajan
Composition by Ustad Aman Ali Khan Saheb
Drut Ektal - Beg Beg Aao Mandara
Composition by Pt Jag Jannathbua Purohit

2. Gunakri, Ropak - Baje Damaru Harakara Traditional Composition
Drut Teental - Jai Sri Sankar
Composition by Ustad Aman Ali Khan Saheb

3. Jhoola - Jhamaka Jhuki Ayi

This album is a mesmerizing collection of Raga Yaman, Raga Rageshri and Hori by Raghunandan Panshikar.