Hidden Gems

By Rajat Prasanna

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1   Bihagra



2   Madhuwanti




Mystica Music introduces a very talented flute player, Rajat Prasanna, in the series of Hidden Gems-inspiring hidden talents. Born in the family of legendary musicians, Rajat is trained in Indian Classical Music by his grandfather Late Pt. Raghunath Prasanna & father Shri Ravi Shankar Prasanna.

Rajat started learning at the tender age of six, and has given numerous scintillating public performances, recognised and applauded by great exponents of music. His dedication towards the art has imbibed in him a very keen sense of sur & taal - musical notes and rhythms. And this album brings out his mastery on the intricacies of playing the beautiful musical instrument, Flute.

This album consists of lilting melodies by Rajat that take listener on a voyage to a different world, where one is deeply touched by the ethereal renderings and experiences music within.