Jaana Meri Jaana

By Ustad Shujaat Husai..

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1   Raga Khem - Alap



2   Raga Khem - Gat



3   Jaana Meri Jaana




Raga Khem is one of the most ancient ragas in the history of Indian Classical Music. It is usually played in evening/night and has a romantic attribute. Alap treatment is mostly Hansadhwani with one peculiar phrase of Yaman. Ustad Shujaat Khan is probably best known for his involvement with the ensemble Ghazal, which brought together Middle Eastern and Indian music. In this album, he breaks no new ground, but shows just how masterful a sitar player he is on the extended alap improvisation on 'Raga Khem', where he displays a powerful imagination, and once the raga rendition begins with able tabla accompaniment from Sankha Chatterjee, Shujaat Khan also shows a light, mellifluous vocal style. The other major piece here, 'Jaana, Meri Jaana' offers an indication of his range, moving into a folkier style with a thumri that's more melodic than the raga, making this album a masterpiece.

Here are a few words from Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan about Jaana Meri Jaana :

"It is a folk composition. One of the very first my father taught me. Sankha da reminded me after all this time. This is a song set in a village, the village girls are teasing their friend. After meeting her lover, she wants to go back home and he is not allowing her."