Kahe Kabira

By Anandmurti Gurumaa

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1   Guru Arcahna



2   Badal Barsa Prem Ka




"When one is blessed by the company of a wise enlightened Guru, one should never forget that this is the ultimate grace of God!" This is just one of the many verses of Kabir, the great Indian mystic who spoke the bitter, hard hitting truth and never concealed divine knowledge under metaphors.

This album is indeed a rare and special gift to all seekers; rare because it includes poems of Kabir we normally do not come across and special because Gurumaaji does complete justice to these enlightening verses by explaining them in a simple and lucid manner for all listeners. The album has two tracks with Kabir's poems set to pleasantly hummable tunes by Gurumaaji.

'Guru Archana' is an offering to the Guru,where Kabir describes his quest for truth and how his Guru led him towards it. Every verse is a gem in its own right, describing the role of a Master is leading a disciple towards truth and enlightment. One can not only enjoy a divine concoction of wisdom and melody in Baadal Barsa Prem Ka', but can also assimilate these truths within one's own heart by through Gurumaaji's exposition of the verses in 'Ek Mulakat Kabir Se'. Backed with simple and catchy tunes, Kahe Kabira drives home the message to all listeners with a powerful punch!