Hu - The Zikr

By Anandmurti Gurumaa

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1   Hu – The Zikr



2   Ney Taksim



3   Zikr Mein Fanaa




Heart that is filled with pure love exudes sheer grace & bliss. This unprecedented album Hu - The Zikr, Resonating Emptiness is a gift from the heart of a mystic to all divine lovers. For only the one who is drunk with love, can quench the thirst of the one who seeks, by showing him the path to inner ecstasy. Undoubtedly it calls for absolute surrender to the Lord to even encounter such benign one. Thus, indeed it is with Allah’s grace that this album has got its shape by the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. It opens with an invitation to immerse your self in the reverberating resonance of 'Hu'. It is a method of Zikr done with dum (breath), to be learnt from a sheikh (master). Pray that the resonance of Hu touches the core of your being and stirs the strings of your heart to resonate along. Get totally absorbed in it to let it liberate you from the shackles of ignorance. Let it sow in you the seed of love and longing. And let it make you soar higher and higher in the inner sky. Hu, the Zikr is followed by the entrancing music of Ney, the sufi’s flute, which creates a mesmerising ambiance for the listener to stay intoxicated. This intoxication culminates with the rejoice-full invocation of the names of Allah. Each name is a call, an obeisance, an expression of the divine attribute of the attribute-less. Revel in the glory of calling Al-Malik, the Lord, with so many mellifluous names as Ar-Raḥmān - the unboundedly compassionate & gracious, Al-Karīm - the bountiful, Al-Majīd - the majestic, the illustrious, the magnificent, Al-'Awwal - the first, the beginning-less, Al-'Akhir - the last, the endless and many more. Beautifully woven in a single thread, the magical spell of these names is enthralling, which can just be experienced and not enunciated any further...