Odyssey of Love

By Kanchman Babbar

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1   Towards Ecstasy



2   A Beam of Love



3   Harmonious Adaptation



4   Gentle Collapse



5   Wedding Souls




To be in love is to obliterate boundaries. This state of being has no religion other than based on love. Not confined to any ideologies, it is limitless. Boundless, it offers an emotional concoction reaching far within to let humans grow and reach the higher altitudes of consciousness. With your ego lost, you are bliss. The journey to the celestial lawns though is marked with delicate moments at some times.

Odyssey of Love is a beautiful meditation CD which showcases the rich treasure of five soothing compositions depicting love in its progression to eternity. Filled with contemporary zeal, the meditation and relaxation music in this album reaches to unearth the bountiful beauty present in our beings. The panorama of the highest order brings the opportunity to allow love to embrace ourselves. The album stands in perfection to deliver this wonderful gift of love to us.

The most unique feature of this piece of work is its origin in the rich treasure of Anandmurti Gurumaa's musical heritage. Anandmuti Gurumaa has transformed various lives by her uncanny sense of refining people's destinies. The album is a reflection of the exalted moments lived during the various meditation techniques composed by Anandmurti Gurumaa resulting in the grand finale of the realization of love. Sonorous in its appeal, each moment spent with the album is characterized by touching ones self with fragile caress of love.

Close your eyes and allow the calm and soothing notes to fill your entire being. This is not only an excellent way of stress relief, but also drowns deep into the eternal realm of silence within.