Radha Amrit

By Shankar Mahadevan

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1   Jai Radhey




Chant the divine name to bring joy & peace into your life. True to its essence, Radha Amrit is a nectar of boundless love & blessings of dear Radharani. It is a beautifully rendered devotional album in classical mode. The versatile singer, Shankar Mahadevan has embellished the slow paced soundtrack 'Jai Radhey' with his captivating voice. His mellow vocals create an extremely harmonious atmosphere. As one hears the soothing chant of 'Jai Radhey', the feeling of great warmth permeates the whole being. This melodious offering is an exquisite expression of a devotee in adulation of the deity, Sri Radharani. The chants evoke the feeling of love, peace, joy, and happiness in the heart of the listener. It makes one realize the graceful shower of divine blessings.

The beautiful sacred hymn 'Jai Radhey' is coupled with very reverberating music to soothe the senses. The soft and subtle tunes inspired from traditional Indian musical instruments are used with finesse to interact impressively with the chant. It is indeed an impeccable rendition when the singer is absolutely submerged in chanting the sacred name.

Just drop your mind, open your heart, and chant Jai Radhey to experience sheer peace of mind.