Sri Radha Sankirtan

By Anuradha Paudwal

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1   Sri Radha Sankirtan




Beautifully suffused with the mellow voice of Anuradha Paudwal , the album ‘Sri Radha Sankirtan’ is another piece of gem in devotional music. World renowned playback singer, Anuradha Paudwal has extensively contributed in sublime musical odyssey of India and needs no introduction to the music lovers. Her melodious voice coupled with sublime lyrics inspire the unconditional love for divine. She has been conferred with various accolades in recognition of her unique singing style.

In this album, Music meets Devotion and results in joyful explosion. The track 'Radharani Ki Jai, Maharani Ki Jai' glorifies the beauty and love of Radharani and kindles the spark of love in the listener's heart. Radharani is also known as Krishnamayi - the one who sees the supreme within and without or we can say Krishna manifests Himself in Radharani. These mystical poetic renderings transcend the devotee in the feet of Lord Krishna through his beloved Radharani. The synchronisation of rhythms with magical melodies slowly build a crescendo that beckons the listener to immerse in the cosmic dance and attune with the supreme bliss. 

Immerse your soul in Sri Radha Sankirtan, the oceanic nectar of love,And experience transcendental bliss in.

Lyrics -Hitshri Asudaram Ji
Music Director -J S R Madhukar

With blessings of Rasik Saint Hitshri Asudaram Ji,Rasik Mahapurush Triveni Seva Samiti, Vrindavan