Ram Rameti

By Anup Jalota

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1   Ram Rameti




Early morning rays of glorious sun, the twin in air, the fragrance of mother earth coupled with the soothing chant of Sri Rama weave magic that uplifts the spirits, and inspires absolute peace in body-mind-spirit. Lord Rama is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is adored by millions of Hindus. The chanting of Sri Rama mantra blossoms love and devotion in the heart of listener.

Mantra Vigyan is the ancient science of sound which is the base for spiritual development. According to ancient Tantric texts, Sri Rama mantra is the beej mantra of our solar plexus (manipurak charka) which is two fingers above the navel. It is considered to be yellow in color. Rama mantra creates such sound vibrations which directly act upon solar plexus, and the activation of solar plexus brings great health benefits to our digestive system. As body and mind are inextricably related to each other, the effect of Rama mantra on the body creates a ripple effect on the mind. Listening to the Rama mantra eases out tensions and stress which tremendously soothes our senses. If one sings along in hushed tones, it effects glandular system, and if one sings it aloud then it is a great stress buster.

This album features the devotional Rama mantra wonderfully rendered by a well acclaimed Bhajan maestro, Anup Jalota. He got his music training from his father, a renowned exponent of bhajan singing, Sri Purushottam Das Jalota. Listening to the enchanting Sri Rama mantra in soothing voice of Anup Jalota will bring great solace to your ears and mind.