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Whether exuberant and percussive or lyrical and transcendent, New Yorker Richard Bennett is a virtuoso at the piano. Bringing a wide array of world music and jazz influences to his music, he blends together a sound that is all his own. In New York his bands have performed at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, The Guggenheim Museum, BAMcafe, Brooklyn Museum of Art, and NJPAC. Internationally, he has toured over twenty countries as member of various jazz and blues ensembles. In India, he is best known for his collaborations with noted thumri artiste Dhanashree Pandit Rai.

From Richard Bennett
"I first came to India nine years ago and quickly fell in love with Hindustani Classical music. I relish the concentration, commitment and purity in each and every note and phrase. When I adapt raga to the piano, the main challenge is to play music that is recognizable as a specific raga while still keeping the myriad colours of my personal piano sound. In 'Raga and Blues' I have added more western sounds and rhythms that are close to my heart. Here are three of my favourite ragas, "Malkauns", "Miyan Ki Todi" and "Jogkauns", all having a lot of blues feeling. Each raga starts with a meditative solo piano alap. The trio numbers that follow add joy, revelry and groove to the party." - Richard Bennett

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