Sacred Spaces

By Anandmurti Gurumaa

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1   The Methodology



2   Celestial Sounds



3   The Gap




Living in the present moment is the core of all spiritual practice. The obsessive thinking has become a habit which is eating out our peace. Being free from future and past ghosts requires sheer patience and consistency in ones practice.

Mindfulness is the key and the 'Sacred Spaces' meditation is a wonderful method to bring forth this mindfulness with sheer ease. This technique is based on an ancient Buddhist meditation based on the serene sounds of the sacred musical instruments like "Himalayan singing bowls", "symphonic cups" and "gong", The sound vibrations resonate with every cell of the body and produces wonderful inner spaces. It creates sacred atmosphere that brings forth thoughtlessness and small gaps of silence begin to come and as one moved deeper in it the transgression from sound to soundlessness happens.

The essence of this technique lies in listening to these sounds and listening to the subtle moments of gap that comes in between two sounds. It is easy to listen sound but difficult to listen without judging sound, without anticipation of which sound it will be next. These gaps between the sounds act as a catalyst in elevating consciousness to the higher realms. With regular practice of this meditation you can experience the state of complete silence dawning upon. This is not really a meditation technique for beginners , but is apt for one who is ready to go to a higher level. This is an excellent tool to know where one actually stands, how much razor sharp your awareness is. This guided meditation technique comprising of step by step instructions from Anandmurti Gurumaa is a wonderful way to drown into deep silence of the mind.