By Anandmurti Gurumaa

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1    Sparsh-right way of touch




We are an embodiment of divine, yet seeking happiness in the outside world because we have lost contact with our own self. 'Sparsh' as a meditation technique enables an individual to connect with one's body in a friendly way, leading towards an inner source of bliss. Being respectful to one's body with awareness is the key to derive maximum benefit from this technique. It restores the mental peace and provides a wonderful experience of relaxation.

In Tantra Yoga, the body is seen as a powerful and useful instrument in a seeker's quest for truth. The body is used as a medium of being mindfully aware and present in this very moment.

In this guided meditation video, Gurumaaji draws a seeker's attention to his or her own body and gradually shows a seeker to be a witness of this body and all its functions. Practicing this meditation sincerely brings immense peace and relaxation with it.