Suno Suno Meri Aawaaz

By Anandmurti Gurumaa

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1   Suno Suno   Watch



2   Naari



3   Nikki Jahi Kali



4   Navi Milegi Raah



5   Chamkungi Sitara Banke




Suno Suno Meri Aawaaz, the album, is much more than just a collection of five musical tracks. It is the call for change, woven with the mesmerising thread of music, and expressed vividly to touch the hearts of one and all.

The album begins with the lively track Suno Suno Meri Aawaaz, celebrating womanhood, followed by Naari, the reverberating musical ode to the myriad roles that a woman plays in life. As one rejoices in the celebrative mood of both the tracks, then comes her plea in Nikki Jahi Kali, the voice from the womb urging us not to kill her but give her a chance to live, to evolve, to be free. After this poignant expression comes Navi Milegi Raah, a call to rise for every woman, for once she has realized her inner strength, new paths will blossom at her feet at every opportunity! The true beauty of a woman lies within her grace, her confidence, and her strength, and once a woman has realized these qualities she will shine like a star, thus ends the album with Chamkungi Sitara Banke.

Each track is a mellifluous expression, carving the picture of her desire to live, love and be in the world. Painting the shades of her relationships, the ways she enriches our life, this album is a call to make us realise that we need to change our perspective, our understanding and our treatment of women in life.

This album presents the soulful voice of the revered mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa and a special track in the exhilarating voice of Palash Sen from the acclaimed rock band Euphoria.