By Anandmurti Gurumaa

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1   Yogi's Flight



2   The Methodology



3   The Contemplation




As the name suggests, this guided meditation technique called 'Tratak', begins with fixing the gaze at one single point, for a certain period of time. The mind is subtle and difficult to catch, however gaze can be fixed at a point and eventually the mind follows. There is a subtle connection between your body movements and cognitive power of the mind. As we are able to cease the restlessness of eyes seeking something or the other, by fixing its gaze, the restlessness of mind too comes to a halt.

Tratak meditation extends beyond a simple gaze; it is about attuning to your higher-self. If a seeker sincerely enters into Tratak meditation daily, he will quickly experience the beauty it adds to his life. The seeker is filled with will power, determination and focus. The mind energy which was dispersed into various thoughts comes to one single point. And this point sinks too into vast silence. Silence is the ultimate source from all derivations that comes through - creativity, power, focus, lucidity.

It is a highly apt meditation for students, it not only sharpens memory and improves concentration, it also brings with it relaxation and stress relief. The meditation music as a back drop facilitates the seeker to absorb the technique in a very beautiful manner and discover the treasure of peace and tranquility within.