Shri Rama Stuti

Shri Rama Stuti

By Anandmurti Gurumaa

Meditative Chanting

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Celebrative Chanting

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Shri Rama Stuti

Divine Adoration of Shri Rama in the ethereal voice of revered mystic Anandmurti Gurumaa is an offering at the Lord's feet. Shri Rama Jai Rama Jai Jai is marvellous to note how the divine expressions woven with hypnotic music and mesmerising voice create an ambience filled with joy and peace. As you listen to these entrancing chants, remember to keep aside your worries and immerse yourself fully into listening and chanting. The more you connect with it, the more will be the inexplicable experience of sheer peace and infinite grace. Divine names are the subtle forms of the Lord having the potent vibrations of the unmanifested being, and remembrance of such a name invokes the blessings which fill our mind and body with immense positivity. While chanting, steeped in love and devotion for the Lord, the devotee becomes instantaneously joyous and transcends the limited world of name and form. All it needs is the earnestness in remembering the Lord and the ocean of love surrounds you to make your life a divine celebration. Listen to the meditative and celebrative chanting of 'Shri Rama Jai Rama Jai Jai Rama', and imbibe the inherent divine vibrations of love, joy, peace and devotion.

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