By Milind Chittal

Raga Marwa

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Raga Kalavati

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Bhajan Jogia

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Exuberance - the joy of ragas, is a treat to connoisseurs and listeners of classical music. As the mellifluous voice of Milind Chittal, one of the foremost vocalists from the Kirana Gharana, takes you through a musical journey with mesmerising renditions of Raga Marwa, Raga Kalavati, and a devotional song in Raga Jogia. The album begins with a Khayal in Raga Marwa which is a sunset time raga and evokes the calm and contemplative mood of that hour. After this, follows the rendition in Raga Kalavati which is a joyful and popular late night raga, adopted by the North Indian Hindustani musicians from the South Indian Carnatic system. Milind has expressed the moods of both these ragas brilliantly with exquisite alaaps and superb taans. And in the end, Milind presents a devotional song in Raga Jogia with elan.

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